Our Staff

With 80+ years of combined experience, our world-class trainers offer unrivaled expertise with a tangible passion for teaching the sport of boxing.

Kathy McLean

Sione Finau



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Kathy McLean

From the moment Kathy first put on the gloves as a young girl, she fell in love with the sport of boxing.  Fast forward to 1990, Kathy jumped into the fitness world where she could share her passion with the community.  She has owned and operated Fitness Advantage – FA Boxing for over 25 years now and has touched the lives of thousands of clients. 

Kathy’s approach to teaching is simple yet transformative, and clearly derived from her vast experience as a boxer, long time marathon runner and fitness enthusiast. She understands that each person who walks through her doors has their own story and motivation for being there, and strives to create a positive and fun environment where their physical and mental needs can be met.

Sione Finau

Having grown up the South Pacific, Sione is no stranger to physical sports. He was introduced to boxing and his passion for the sport never left him.  He has had the privilege to train with world class instructors and has worked alongside some of the biggest names in boxing. He holds an impressive resume as a fighter.

Behind Sione’s powerful stature is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  His positive approach to training shines through his students who thoroughly enjoy working with him. He is a master of his craft, and enjoys sharing his love for the sport with his clients.