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Experience the power of boxing and fitness in our Wellesley Hills gym.

Looking for an all-encompassing mind and body workout?

Welcome to FA Boxing
Our unique “Always Day One” approach to fitness is designed to address your individual needs and goals while having FUN!
  • We pack all the elements of fitness in a one hour session – including cardio vascular endurance, coordination, agility and balance. Plus, you’ll burn at ton of calories while using every muscle in your body without you even realizing it.
  • We help you learn to master your mental fitness, which serves as a great stress reliever and helps with depression.
  • We work with all ages and fitness levels – our program can be modified and tailored to fit your specific needs.
Meet your world-class trainers
Sione and Kathy


Enjoy highly customized one-on-one sessions with our world-class personal trainers who are also life coaching experts. Get fit...physically and mentally, be a part of our community and have a ton of fun all at the same time.


Prefer to add a touch of motivation from your peers? Opt for semi-private classes instead. We keep them small enough that the trainers can give each attendee personalized attention, yet big enough to up the energy and fun factor 10-fold!

Online Training

Delve into intense, targeted training from anywhere with an Internet connection and innovative online lessons. Get access to our premier trainers right from the convenience of your own home (or anywhere else!).

Life Coaching

Drawing on decades of lessons learned by working with clients like you, our certified life coaching trainers will help you become more self-aware, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and overcome any obstacles that stand in your way of realizing your dreams.

Our Community

Simply put, Fitness Advantage Boxing offers an unparalleled experience you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll receive training from world-class instructors in an elite, luxury facility dedicated to boxing. We offer a unique combination of fun & intensity, and all of our training regimens are individually tailored to you and your personal fitness goals.

We invite you to come down to our studio and see why our clients love training with us. Our community is continuing to grow for a reason. Become a part of it today!

FA Boxing has a positive and supporting community.

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